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:: Road to Playzone ::

I watched [ Road to Playzone ]

What I like


 Kawashima and Ryuya <3
 they got an interesting role in this show .

 I was surprised !! How he moves his body xD
 Maybe he will the next Myuto :D


 those 4 boys they played the role of bad boys who steal stuff,ect
 at first when Kawashima says [Brandou Brando ]  and Nakada show them the bag
 I say oh  it is [Hermes] . But it's not in fact .It could be one of Japanese brand 


 one of the funny scene , Kawashima copied Yara's dancing xD

 I like Yuma and Kawashima's jackets :D . Ryuya's is looks stylish too


 Ohh ! poor Kawashima . ended up to be in the prison 


Uekusa Katsuhide . Yuta's father :O


 Matchy appeared as special guest . look at Yuma he is so happy xD  to see Matchy againLOL

  Payne says that Yuma ia very good ^^

 He praised the other boys such as ABC-Z ,M.A.D and TheyBudou ^^

 This Playzone I feel that TheyBudou didn't take so big role 
 but It's ok since they are stil in the show LOL

 finaly ~ Shintaro is  so cute xD

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