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19 December 2010 @ 09:45 pm
[ Fresh Jr ] Potato Jan 2011 [ translation ]  

Fresh Jr

Potato Jan 2011


pages credit to shatteredtenshi 
Translation credit to juniority Thanks to her !

Yuya Taniguchi: Right now, the thing I want to do my best at is dance. Working really hard during the lessons to remember all the steps, and then dancing together with everyone is a lot of fun. But actually, when it comes to dancing onstage, I get super, super nervous. When that happens, the only thing to do is to write “person” on my hand and then swallow it down (smile). The person who I think is amazingly good at singing and dancing is Kazunari Ninomiya-kun. The PV for “Monster” was so cool! If I ever met Ninomiya-kun, I’d like to ask him how he got so awesome at dancing. I’d also like to talk to him about video games. I’m kind of bad at talking to people who aren’t close to me in age. And usually, I play baseball with people who are older than me. I’m looking forward to talking to many different people! 

Born September 1st, 1998. Tokyo. Virgo. Blood type A. Height: 158cm/5”2. Weight: 37kg/82lbs. Admired Sempai: Kazunari Ninomiya-kun. Nickname: Gucchi. A Few Words for the Readers: “I want to do my best at dancing! (I also want to do my best at singing).” 

 Ryusei Akiba: In middle school, I studied abroad in New Zealand for two years. When I saw Jin Akanishi-kun who has retuned home {to Japan} perform overseas I thought: cool! Having an overseas tour and actively using English has become my dream. Right now I’m doing my best at dance lessons but I’m just a beginer so it’s quite difficult. Around me there are lots of talented people so the pressure… (smile) I’m still terrible but my goal is to be able to dance in my own way. My weakness is that I get tired quickly, but when I decide to do something I definitely do it. And I’ve decided to do my best at dancing. My pride is being able to make the mood cheerful, so I want to energize the people around me!

Born January 21st, 1995. Kanagawa. Aquarius. Blood type B. Height: 163cm/5”3. Weight: 51kg/112lbs. Admired Sempai: Tomohisa Yamashita. Nickname: Ryu-kun. A Few Words for the Readers: “I’m doing my best so please fully support me  

 Yusuke Ushida: I’ve admired people that dance and sing on TV for a long time. The person who I especially like is Satoshi Ohno-kun. He’s great at singing and dancing, and he seems like he has a nice personality too. I haven’t met him yet, but if I ever did meet him I’d be super happy. As a group, I admire Arashi. Because they look like they have a great relationship and have a lot of fun. It’d be nice if I could also sing and dance like they do. But I’m the indoor type, and I have a docile personality. I played sports once, but I don’t have confidence in my singing and dancing abilities. So now, I’m doing my best with mindset that I have to work harder than the others. That way someday, I’ll reach my goal of having a personality that’s good at dancing and singing. 
 Born October 13th, 1997. Tokyo. Libra. Blood type O. Height: 152cm/4”11. Weight: 39kg/86lbs. Admired Sempai: Satoshi Ohno-kun. Nickname: Usshi. A Few Words for the Readers: “Diligence beats genius.” 

 Kyohei Nishimoto: Ever since I was about a 3rd grader in elementary school, I’ve thought “it seems ~so~ cool” when I saw Johnny’s sempai singing and dancing on TV. Although I’m still at the level where I can’t do a backflip, someday I want to be able to do acrobatics, and to have a unique movements like Kazuya Kamenashi-kun. Kamenashi-kun’s dancing is so uniquely cool, isn’t it? If I was given the opportunity to be a dance at a concert, I’d like to try back dancing for Hey!Say!JUMP. I’ve always looked up to Ryosuke Yamada-kun. Just like Yamada-kun, I want to be able to sing well, dance well, act well, to do anything well. I’m kind of the type who pushes people, so I’ll push the others to get them excited and energized! 

Born November 19th, 1997. Tokyo. Scorpio. Blood type A. Height: 154cm/5”0. Weight: 38kg/84lbs. Admired Sempai: Ryosuke Yamada. Nickname: Kyohei. A Few Words for the Readers: “I’ll do my best from now on, so please support me fully!” 

 Lewis Ohkubo: From the time I was thirteen until February of this year, I’ve lived in my father’s native land, Ecuador. Right after I returned home {to Japan} I worried that I’d forgotten how to speak Japanese, but I’m completely fine. Everyone in my family is quite cheerful, my mode is to help people have fun. At school I also have the role of making others energized. Something about me that’s lacking is maybe that I have a diehard nature. I want to perfect my singing and dancing skills and become someone who many people cheer for. My admired sempai is Ryosuke Yamada-kun. When he’s singing, dancing, or acting, he has an aura that compels you in an instant, I think it’s amazing and I greatly respect him. 

Born December 12th, 1993. Kanagawa. Sagittarius. Blood type O. Height: 165cm/5”4. Weight: 53kg/117lbs. Admired Sempai: Ryosuke Yamada-kun. Nickname: Lewey. A Few Words for the Readers: “Please fully support me!” 

 Kotaro Tanaka: Up until now I’ve liked playing soccer, but I’ve had a dream ever since I was young. That dream is “to appear on TV” and “to become famous”! Singing, dancing, and acting, I have ambitions to do everything that my sempai do, so receiving dance lessons now is fun. My goal is to be like Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno-kun. He was a cheerleader at a school’s spring sports {volleyball} festival and got everyone pumped up. On the day of the sports festival he did his best and raised his voice and he knew the fun of bringing people together; I think that someday it’d be nice to become a beloved leader like Ohno-kun! 

 Born August 29th, 1998. Saitama. Leo. Blood type O. Height: 153cm/ 5”0. Weight: 40kg/88lbs. Admired Sempai: Satoshi Ohno-kun. Nickname: Kokko. A Few Words for the Readers: “I’ll become famous! I’ll become an idol like Arashi!” 

 Koki Ito: I want to become someone whose good at hosting shows like Masahiro Nakai-kun. I like the way he talks like someone on a broadcast committee. I’ve got experience making plays and broadcasting them, and I also have experience acting. Of course, I love singing and dancing too. The dance lessons are fun, and I even practice until midnight at my house. Because I like Hip Hop dance, I want to receive lessons and become good. If I become a back dancer onstage, I want to be the best out of all the others! In that situation, I’d become someone that really hates to lose. While I’m on the subject, I’m someone who is naturally clumsy. Once, I fell in front of the train station and made everyone laugh. But because all the others will probably be calm, this sort of character might be good, I think (smile). 

 Born May 26th, 1996. Chiba. Gemini. Blood type A. Height: 168cm/5”5. Weight: 52kg/115lbs. Admired Sempai: Masahiro Nakai-san. Nickname: Koki. A Few Words for the Readers: I’d like to try to do my best in a drama and at hosting a show! 

 Rin Takahashi: I love running! I have confidence in my reflexes and kicking, so in the soccer club that I belong to I play goalie and forward. I love any activity that lets me move my body and I didn’t think that there was anything that I was particularly weak at, but the dance lessons that I’m receiving now are really difficult. But they’re also more fun than any other sport that I’ve done until now and I want to keep getting better and better. I can’t do acrobatic things like backflips yet, but someday I want to show off awesome techniques. In the future, I want to become like Hideaki Takizawa-kun, who is popular and who acts, sings, dances, and does everything greatly. I’m going to do my best with the feeling of always aiming for the top! 

 Born October 15th, 1998. Kanegawa. Libra. Blood type A. Height: 153cm/5”0. Weight: 38kg/84lbs. Admired Sempai: Hideaki Takizawa-kun. Nickname: Rinrin or Rin-chan. A Few Word for the Readers: I’m aiming for the top (to debut)! 

Genki Iwahashi: My goal is to sing a song that gives people energy! Times that I’m depressed, I get cheered up by music. The songs that give me energy when I hear them are Arashi’s. I especially love “Ashita no Kioku {Tomorrow’s Memories}.” I often sing ballads at karaoke but I’m weak with songs that have a fast tempo; I’d like to become able to sing many kinds of songs. I’d like to not only challenge singing but also acting. It’d be nice if I could become like Jin Akanishi-kun and be great at singing and acting. Act school it’s popular to act out fight scenes with your friends, and it was said that my acting is realistic (smile). Among my friends, I’m the one who gets pushed around. It’s natural so I do my best as the pushed around one. 

 Born December 17th,1996. Tokyo. Sagittarius. Blood type O. Height: 158cm/5”2. Weight: 43kg/95lbs. Admired Sempai: Jin Akanishi-kun. Nickname: Genki. A Few Word for the Readers: I’m working hard and I’ll definitely debut, so please support me! 

 Shotaro Uehara: Ever since I saw Tomohisa Yamashita-kun and Jin Akanishi-kun performing on television and though “cool!”, I’ve been living for dance. Normally, my friends tell me that I’m have a natural, at-ease personality, but, only when, I’m dancing, I prefer the heated-up genre Hip Hop. I know a lot of techniques, and putting together music and dancing is the best kind of fun! I can’t do things like back flips or back hand-springs yet, but I’m trying to be able to give a dance performance that catches people’s attention in an instant, just like Yamashita-kun and Akanishi-kun can. It’s my dream to someday stand on a stage that belongs to only me and bask in the spotlight! 

 Born February 12th, 1998. Tochigi. Aquarius. Blood type O. Height: 164cm/5”4. Weight: 42kg/93lbs. Admired Sempai: Tomohisa Yamashita-kun, Jin Akanishi-kun. Nickname: Sho-chan. A Few Word for the Readers: Please fully support me!

 Shori Sato: My parents gave me the name “Shori {victory}” because they wanted me to have the feeling of “I want to win” at everything. So I always do everything with all my might so that I don't lose do others. Right now, the thing that I won’t ever lose to other people in is my familiarity with how motorcycles and cars work. I’m the type that gets completely immersed in the things I like, so maybe in the future I’ll be able to do something with my knowledge… (smile) My goal is to share enjoyment with the people watching me. I love fun things, therefore I want to entertain others. The sempai I admire are: Satoshi Ohno-kun for his singing and dancing. Shingo Katori-kuns and Sho Sakurai-kun for their talking abilities, and Kazunari Ninomiya-kun for his acting abilities. It seems really difficult, but I’ve got to do my best so that I don’t lose to anybody. 

 Born October 30th, 1996. Tokyo. Blood type A. Height: 158cm/5”2. Weight: 38kg/84lbs. Admired Sempai:
Satoshi Ohno-kun. Nickname: Shori. A Few Words for the Readers: Lets spend time together having fun

 Kaoru Kuramoto: Up until now, I haven’t had something that I was completely passionate or enthusiastic about. But at my first lesson, I achieved the thought: “this feels great!” I’m still a shy type of person, but I’d like to be able to open my feelings soon and become better and better at dancing. I’m really looking forward to how I will grow and change from now on. If I had to say who I admire, it would be Arashi’s Sho Sakurai-kun and Masaki Aiba-kun. The way that Sakurai-kun can be fun on variety shows and then speak accurately about serious subjects on news programs is cool, and the way Aiba-kun is such a cheerful person who naturally makes others happy is great, I think. Someday, I also want to try entertaining others by playing the good-natured role. 

Born September 23rd, 2000. Saitama. Blood type A. Height: 142cm/4”7. Weight: 30kg/66lbs. Admired Semapi: Sho Sakurai-kun, Masaki Aiba-kun. Nickname: Kaoru. A Few Words for the Readers: I want to move up!


  Isn't  Genki looks a little bit similar to Cinen and Nozomu ? Mix of Chinen and Nozomu xD
 and Yuya is copay of chibi Yabu?

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chapstickmurmurchapstickmurmur on December 19th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
So many Arashi fanboys!! *flails with happiness* And so many with Ohno as their admired sempai as well (which I have to admit was a little surprising lol) Maybe Chinen started a new trend? :P

All these fresh juniors are so adorable. I wonder if their part of the new group Japanese HI? Maybe that's why Johnny's introducing so many fresh faces at once?

Also, I get what you mean about Yuya! But I think it might just be the hair/camera angle/skinniness which gives off the Yabu feel :)

Thanks for sharing!! And thanks Juniority for translating!!
jumploud: the HS7jumploud on December 19th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
New faces of Jr! OwwW why Kotaro is cute xxD I falling in love with Kotaro ~ he admired Ohno as Chinen do! he likes sport too. Ohkubo he forgot the Japanese language ,surely he speaks Spainish xxD, with this pose he reminds me to Yamada Ryosuke his sempai. so many cute boys xxD
Thanks ,
Monezz YeRyeoMonezz YeRyeo on December 21st, 2010 11:57 am (UTC)
Thank you for translation of Akibakun!!
★☆YuMi☆★: Tama-chanyuma_daisuki on December 21st, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
I can already see the bright future that these talented-looking boys hold~~

OMG~~ I sense the same thing too with Yuya, he just reminds me so much of chibi Yabu =P
& Genki is exactly the way you described him xD
Now I really look forward to this Japanese HI~~ ^O^
qatar_soul on December 26th, 2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
Yes I agree Yuya is like Yabu Kota and he interesting. most of these new boys admiring Arashi's member and Yamapi X-X
no Kanjan8 lolz. anyway I like Ryusei his has a cute face ;D

-Thanks for sharing and thank to Juniority for the translation .
mocoharumamocoharuma on January 12th, 2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
wahahaha. yay! I noticed the new group too when I was watching SC last friday. he is so cool, cute and young.
by the way, thanks for adding me back, very happy !