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21 January 2011 @ 05:15 pm
Qatar VS Japan  

The match is still going on

Qatar VS Japan

the score


for me ,it's hard to support any of them xD.
almost all asking me "are you going to support Japan though" I said "I can't pick any of them ,I happy if any of them match" LOL

I LOVE both

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Lilicolors_of_joy on January 27th, 2011 04:51 am (UTC)
Oh~ ,you are Qatari then ? ^__^,i didn't know that before ^^ ,that's so sweet ♥

i really can feel what you are talking about here dear*laugh*,it's so weird & confusing when it's "nihoon" playing with Arab country specially when it's one of our own ^^,but it's still the love that we can't ignore..neh? ^^, we can always love them both & encourage them both ♥♥^^

لم أُشاهد المباراة للأسف ×_× ، لكني قرأت أنها كانت مباراة رائعة والفريقيْن بذلا مجهودًا رائعًا ^^ ،وحتى النتيجة كانت فارقة بشكل بسيط ^^ ، برأيي المباراة الجميلة والتي يبذل فيها كل فريق كل ما لديه من طاقة ولعب متميّز تجعل المُشاهد مُستمتع أكثر وتجعله متقبّلاً للنتيجة أيًّا كانت ^^ ..تمنياتي لهما بكل توفيق في كل شئ ، وبإذن الله المنتخب القطري يُحقق النتائج التي يتمناها في المرة القادمة ♥

Though..As they are in different continents & different championships,i think it's a far opportunity after all that Japan will play against Egypt one day neh? XD

sorry to interfere dear *shy*,i just saw your cute entry when i was here downloading your lovely scans ^^ ,i hope i didn't bother you in any way *shy*

Have a lovely day ^O^